Behind the lens


I think I really feel in love with photography when I was a child. I had various little 35mm cameras most handed down from relatives. I loved the excitement of  sending off my rolls of film and waiting to see what came back!  Most were landscapes and pictures of my pets , and to be honest, at that point didn’t show much promise.  

As the years went on, I was always that annoying person with a camera at parties, snapping away and making sure we had a record of the event.

But it was really when I borrowed an SLR camera to use at my friends wedding that I realised this was something I really enjoyed and as it turned out, was actually very good at. 

My friend prefered my photos over her professional Photographer’s, my pictures are all over her house. 

Then when another friend of mine was getting married, they asked me to be their photographer. Something I found very daunting and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But luckily I have another great friend who is a professional wedding photographer, who took me along with her and taught me how to Photograph weddings. 

The bride  was over the moon with her photos, which led to another friend asking me to Photograph theirs and it really snowballed from there. 

I have since learnt how to photograph Newborns and portraits and have photographed many weddings. I feel extremely lucky to have found something I love doing and have a huge passion for.  And that so many people allow me to help them make memories.